Episode 11 - Discovering Your Purpose
Welcome everyone to the topic of discovering your purpose. Tuning in to why we're here and what it is that we're here to do with our time on earth are some of life's really big questions that we seem to devote very little time to. This may be because we think it's found outside of ourselves and we just haven't stumbled across it yet…or we don't allow ourselves to ever really explore the question…for fear if we acknowledged it we might reject the life we already have, or the fear of failing if we allowed ourselves to pursue it. The other block I think we come up against is the belief that it's actually not possible for us…. Whatever it is. When we filter life through a lens of inadequacy, of always looking at what we can't do, in not being able to acknowledge that we are important and feeling like we're never really good enough, we bypass the opportunity to think big about ourselves and our life. We dare not dream, for what good is it if we have already reduced ourselves.

2 Posted on Oct 20, 2023


Publisher: The Mind Manual