Episode 17 - The Suffering and Misery we Create for Ourselves
Do we create our own suffering and misery? I want to explore how the beliefs and expectations we hold on to …so dearly can be the source of so much of the suffering and misery we create for ourselves. We all have them, but what I want to show you…. is that it may be worth your while to have a much closer at them so you can see how they're causing you so much pain and suffering in the form of resistance, disappointment, anger, frustration, loneliness, sadness…..and any other feeling you no longer wish to be inundated with. It's at this point you might want to jump into defence mode…..and attribute these emotional states to what is actually happening to you from out there. From all the people, in what they say, how they say it, what they do or don't do, from your job, from your children, parents, friends, your boss, the weather, the town you live in, even the country….you name it everything else that is happening outside of ourselves is …we think….responsible for how we feel..

0 Posted on Oct 20, 2023


Publisher: The Mind Manual