Episode 8 - The Way to Lose Weight for Life
Welcome everyone to a whole new way of looking at weight loss… and why there have been so many unsuccessful attempts made, to restrict our food intake… to a level that simply matches our energy output requirements. As you might have already figured out, the way most people approach the whole saga of losing weight… simply doesn't work….for too long anyway. The weight loss industry will typically present us with the usual protocol of calorie counting, meal replacements and alternative food choices as the main line of defence when it comes to treating the symptoms of being over weight. Now these are all viable options designed to restrict your intake of energy….and they work for a bit, but then then the weight keeps finding it's way back again. Noone appears to be focused on why we're over eating in the first place and addressing these root causes which is essentially at the heart of the matter. Until this is addressed, we're destined to keep relapsing into the old default patterns and programs we've been running that created the results in the first place.

0 Posted on Oct 20, 2023


Publisher: The Mind Manual