Episode 28 - Love never hurts - From withdrawal to connection
The notion that "love never hurts" challenges common misconceptions about love by focusing on its pure essence, untainted by expectations, attachments, or fears. This perspective emphasizes that love is an emotion fuelled by our own thoughts and perceptions, not the actions of others. It clarifies that when we withdraw love, we're robbing ourselves of its benefits, given the experience of feeling love belongs to the person who has generated that emotion with their thoughts. The idea of love hurting often stems from unmet expectations, and by dropping these expectations, we can eliminate much of the disappointment and pain. Love, when understood as an emotion rather than a set of actions, encourages open communication, understanding, and empathy in relationships. With this approach, love transforms from a source of pain to a catalyst for growth, healing, and deeper connections. The key lies in recognizing that love's power comes from within us and that by fostering self-awareness and compassion, we can build fulfilling relationships and self-love.

2 Posted on Oct 20, 2023


Publisher: The Mind Manual